Signs You May Have Asthma

Signs You May Have AsthmaAsthma is a treatable illness that manifests through inflammation of the airways of the lungs. Severe asthma can be extremely uncomfortable for the sufferer if left untreated. Asthma can become severe if an early diagnosis is not made correctly. Our healthcare experts share the commonly displayed symptoms among Asthmatic persons. Use this information as a guideline to judging if you have similar symptoms and if you require medical assistance. Asthma can be reduced and cured gradually with a number of alternative and modern drug therapies. Read on to check if you have signs of an Asthma condition.

Typical Asthma Symptoms
Asthma can develop in persons of any age group. Children, below the age of five, sometimes develop Asthma due to genetics or other factors. This health condition can occur in teenagers, adults and elderly people alike, and even in pregnant women during the course of the pregnancy. The causes can be from allergies or other environmental factors. Symptoms that your airways are inflamed are displayed in the following ways:

  • Wheezing or whistling breath that shows breathing trouble
  • Shortness of breath
  • Difficulty in inhaling and exhaling
  • Coughing in a manner that is severe and the person cannot control the coughs
  • Tightness in the chest area

Persons with Asthma may display a mix of symptoms and not all of them simultaneously. Experiencing any of these signs is enough to know that you need medical attention. Do not think the symptoms will go away on their without any form of therapy. Severe asthma attacks can lead to other health conditions in adults like anxiety and depression.

Asthma symptoms can be classified further according to their severity and frequency. Mild attacks occur on a weekly basis and a few times a month and can vary in intensity. Moderate Asthma is when the symptoms occur almost on an everyday basis and quick relief methods should be kept nearby. Severe Asthma attacks occur frequently and at any place or time.

Conditions That Aggravate Asthma
Asthma can be triggered from a variety of conditions that the sufferer is prone to in his or her daily routine. A few Asthma triggers are as follows:

  • Allergy to pollen, dust, or animal fur
  • Drugs that interact adversely in a person’s body
  • Certain elements in food and beverages
  • Respiratory infections or viral diseases that affect the airways
  • Atmospherical irritants like pollution, cigarette smoke, and chemical compounds in the air.

Exposure to these conditions can both trigger and aggravate the Asthma symptoms.