How to convince your doctor to prescribe Provigil?

Prescribe ProvigilThe amount of sleep you need varies depending on your age and activity level. Sleep disorders make you feel tired and have sudden uncontrollable sleep attacks that result in excessive sleepiness. Though there is no cure for excessive sleepiness but medications such as Provigil/Modafinil can help to manage the symptoms. The medication promotes the wakefulness by altering the natural chemicals in the brain.

Provigil is usually prescribed for narcolepsy and for occupations that require prolonging hours of wakefulness. That means unless you are suspected with narcolepsy, it will be difficult to get your doctor to prescribe Provigil because not all doctors are willing to write this medication and you may find it difficult to get a valid or a legal prescription. In that case, Provigil without prescription can be availed by following any legitimate online pharmacy

What to tell your doctor to get Provigil/Modafinil prescribed?

  • Convince your doctor that you have ADHD and narcolepsy for which Provigil is prescribed for. In other words, you must have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder to get a prescription of Modafinil. Tell your doctor how much you are struggling with focus issues; also how you are fed up of usual prescription medications and looking for the better alternatives that can work. Now it all depends on your doctor if he really feels that the medication is required or not.
  • Discuss with your doctor about your excessive daytime sleepiness and how you feel lethargic, sleepy and take extended naps all the day. Tell your doctor how your energy is draining and you are not having a consistent sleep schedule.
  • Tell your doctor if you have a job that requires working in shifts especially at night shift, as a result, your night schedule is disturbed and it is becoming extremely difficult for you to live a healthy and a functional life.
  • Immediately consult your doctor or seek medical attention if you believe you are having symptoms of narcolepsy that can be dangerous as well as life threatening. Tell your doctor if you experienced unexpected and sudden sleep during driving or even had an accident. Based on all these symptoms a doctor can analyze if Provigil is suitable for you and if it is necessary, what the correct dose of Modafinil for you is.
  • After convincing your doctor to get a prescription for Modafinil, you are recommended to opt for the best Modafinil pharmacy  to purchase your ADHD medication in a hassle free manner.

How to increase your chances of getting a prescription of Provigil?

There is no guarantee that your doctor will give you Provigil as some doctors are concerned about their patient’s health. Schedule an appointment with your doctor on a day when you have no other important things to do. It must be kept in mind that you should approach your doctor respectfully. Never show off in front of the doctor that you know more than they do about a particular topic. Tell your doctor about your on-going problems. If you feel that your problem cannot be treated by natural methods, speak to your doctor and insist on Provigil. Make a list of the symptoms about the onset and their severity and explain them to your doctor. These instructions are equally important when you are purchasing Provigil from reputed online drugstores. Specify the medical condition along with how long you have been affected by the condition, as the doctor would like to know how your symptoms are affecting your ability to live a healthy and normal life. Based on this preliminary analysis, a doctor will prescribe Provigil if Provigil’s benefits outweigh its risks in you.