Does Provigil cause shortness of breath?

Taking Provigil for certain sleep disorders can be extremely useful in managing the condition. Even if the drug is used off-label, one needs to be cautious about using this medication due to the risk of side effects. One particular adverse reaction that is deemed to be caused by Provigil is that of shortness of breath or Asthma. The drug can be highly effective when used right but this does not mean that side effects would never occur.

Most side effects from taking Provigil or any other medication are treatable. The symptoms may be treated as mild or severe depending on the intensity experienced by the individual. Those who have trouble breathing would know how difficult to do any tasks while the symptoms exacerbate. Besides, shortness of breath could further lead to other symptoms, including triggering panic. Read on to know a little more about Provigil and shortness of breath to understand what to do in case the problem occurs.

Provigil and shortness of breath

Shortness of breath is just one among the many side effects caused by Provigil. It could be theorized that those with prior conditions of breathing trouble or related conditions are likely to be at greater risk of experiencing shortness of breath. In some individuals, trouble breathing could occur as an allergic reaction to taking the drug. The symptoms of a Provigil allergy would occur soon after the drug is consumed, which makes it easier to identify that there is a problem and help is required.

However, some may develop the difficulty in breathing over continued use of Provigil. Whatever be the progression, the important aspect is to get timely help as soon as you identify any unwarranted symptoms. Having breathing difficulty can cause the person to lose consciousness due to the insufficient supply of oxygen. Consult with the healthcare provider right away if there is even the smallest occurrence of shortness of breath or difficulty breathing as it is a dangerous symptom that needs to be checked without any delay.

How do I know if Provigil is right for me if I have asthma?

Seeing as Provigil causes shortness of breath as a side effect, the drug may not be suitable for someone with asthma or other pre-existing breathing conditions. Inform the healthcare provider of all such problems at the time of getting Provigil prescribed. The drug may be prescribed in the dosage suitable for you or alternate methods may be used to manage the condition being treated. It is recommended to avoid self-medication and always get the help of the healthcare provider before taking Provigil or any new medication. Provigil is relatively safe to take when used right and most side effects can be avoided.